026 John Michael Clark – Family Leadership

026 John Michael Clark – Family Leadership

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John Michael Clark teaches family leadership for men through the Captain’s Course.

[00:05:28] In this show, John Michael leads us through the three legs of family leadership:

  • Compassion
  • Responsibility
  • Authority

[00:06:13] “As long as we’re starting with compassion. Everything else will fall into place.” JM gives examples from his own family to show how this looks.

[00:10:37] Every person in the family has responsibility, but the ultimate burden falls on the man. “When men come to me complaining my first thing is to hold up the mirror to them and go, ‘Hey bro, look at this guy.'”

[00:13:16] In the church, men are told they need to lead like Jesus, but aren’t taught how to do that.

[00:15:29] The lies we believe about men can lead to extremes. One extreme can lead to abuse. The other can lead to passivity and families and relationships that drift. But good men are not afraid of bad guys.

leading like Jesus means everyone thrives

[00:20:57] “If a man is loving his wife like Christ loves the church, women are going to thrive. Children are going to thrive, and men are going to thrive.”

[00:23:00] On issues of intimacy, JM says you can’t rely on “imaginary invisible messages.” Talk to your wife.

[00:28:00] JM describes the Captain’s Course. The course is open for registration only for a brief time, and YVP listeners can get a discount (see the link below). If you miss the summer class, get on JM’s email list to catch the next one.

[00:42:42] Learning from experience.

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