022: Tami Romani – Brand Voice Strategist

022: Tami Romani – Brand Voice Strategist

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People will judge you almost immediately by what comes across in the sound of your voice. Voice brand strategist Tami Romani shares tips to improve your voice.

In this show we are literally talking about finding your voice. Chances are you’ve heard Tami Romani’s voice in commercials or perhaps on an audio book. Now Tami shares her experience with us in her role as a brand voice strategist and business communication consultant.


[00:03:57] Vocal pet peeves

[00:08:02] The physicality of your voice. Tami shared some practical exercises you can do today to improve your voice.

  • Awareness is the first step, so you’ll need to listen to a recording of yourself speaking. Which of the vocal pet peeves are you guilty of?
  • Breathing – Take a normal breath and exhale on an “awwww” sound for as long as you can go. At what point does your voice fail? The average sentence is 10-12 seconds long. Do you have enough breath to get through a sentence?

People don't do what they're called to do because they don't like their voice.

[00:14:38] Tami explains why it’s not just professional speakers and business people who need to develop their voice. Everybody can benefit. And if you are in business, vocal training is a must: “There’s not there’s not a head of a company anywhere who hasn’t had some kind of vocal training to make them sound more confident and have a better presence.”

[00:21:03] There’s always room to improve. If you don’t like your voice, there are things you can do to change it. Learning to breathe correctly will correct most mistakes – and Tami has a resource you can download from her site to help you with that.

[00:23:03] Some of our vocal problems come from our discomfort with silence. We feel like we need to fill every part of our speech with sound, but silence can be a strength. “There’s power in a blank pause. It makes people perk up and lean in to what you’re about to say.”

There's power in a pause

[00:26:14] We do a breathing exercise. All of us. You too.

[00:27:30] Tips for avoiding gasps, mouth clicks, smacking, and other vocal no-nos.

[00:32:57] Recent studies show how important our voices are to perception. People will judge you almost immediately by what comes across in the sound of your voice. If you have a message to communicate, it may be more believable through voice-only communication avenues – like a podcast! Why? Apparently the voice is not as good at pretending.

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