Special – Finding Your Voice

Special – Finding Your Voice

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This week I’ve pulled together segments from some earlier interviews to explore the idea of finding your voice.

Calling is not vocation

From Ronne Rock

With her experience in the corporate world, Ronne knows the assessments and personality tests, but she says it’s a small tribe of people you need to speak truth into your life. The dialogue between you and your tribe is where the themes and calling of your life emerge.

Look Up

From Mashona Council

Mashona’s vision forms step by step. It’s a walk of trust, taking one day at a time. Whether it’s a lifelong vision, a 125-mile trek, or a daily commitment to step up – she says God is faithful to meet us along the way.


From Matt Ham

Apart from God, you can’t find your true voice. Matt explores the voices of praise and criticism that threaten to take us off course, and how to stay on the path to a fruitful life.



15 Questions Every Millennial Needs to Ask to Discover Their True Calling


Wake Up My Faith



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