019: Ronei Harden on Writing and Editing

019: Ronei Harden on Writing and Editing

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Ronei is a writer, editor, and a writing instructor. She assists authors with everything from the writing process to the editing and production of their book. I asked her to talk about each of those roles. She clearly enjoys helping authors along in the process.

[00:04:14] Authors usually arrive with a “how” question. The initial conversation is finding out where they are in the process. Then they work together to make a plan for getting the next phase accomplished.

You need an editor

[00:05:55] An editor can guide you through the process so you can connect with your intended audience. “You want to get it in the right hands so that it can have a maximum effect. So you always have to ask who is this book for?”

Essentials of good storytelling

[00:08:00] Ronei explains the difference between storytelling and writing.

Your story has a purpose. You have to know that purpose. You also have to know the audience. Ask yourself where your story is going, and what you want it to do when it gets there. Editors help the writer accomplish the goals they have for the book, word by word.

“If you’re really well-read, and you have a good vocabulary, you can write well – and editors are there to help you as well. You know, if you can’t think of the word, we’re there to help you come up with other words to describe what you’re trying to say.”

[00:14:16] Think of your story like a recipe. All of these things we’re talking about are ingredients. These are the elements of the story and the writing itself. Capture the ideas first. Get it written down, and don’t worry about the format. Then you can think about how you can put them together.

Why you shouldn’t rush the process

[00:17:59] You can write a book in thirty days, but will it be your best work?

Editing helps make it your best work

“Our words are so powerful, and if delivered properly they’re going to educate someone. They’re going to really lift someone up out of their situation. They’re going to inspire them.”

[00:21:00] The first pass through the finished work involves “Ms Ronei’s Never-Ever List.” You can get this list from Ronei’s web site. Ronei walks us through the process and explains each stage, all the way through to printing. “You’re going from big picture down to fine details.”

[00:26:10] It’s normal to have a lot of changes. Ronei says sometimes an author will not really discover who their characters are until they go through the editing process.

[00:28:48] What to expect when hiring an editor.

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