015 Ryan Eller – Live Your List

015 Ryan Eller – Live Your List

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Last year, Ryan Eller knocked a few things off his bucket list. Then he spent three months helping other people knock things off their lists. Now he’s written a book about these experiences, Live Your List. In this interview, he shares how you can live intentionally and do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

[00:02:20] Ryan tells about a turning point for himself personally, and how the Live Your List Project got started.

Live Your List - Dont Wait

He says, “I started writing down all the things I wanted to do in my life and it started off with travel things and experiences and adventures I want to take. It started out with me things things that I wanted to do.” Then it started to change. “The longer I sat there, the more items I put down started changing from being about me to ‘What do I want my family to look like? What do I want my future to look like? How can I impact people?’ and ‘What difference can I make in this world?'”

[00:08:09] Even Ryan’s six-year-old daughter has a list. He talks about the joy of teaching her to dream big and live with intentionality.

[00:11:26] The Live Your List Project – From the State Fair to Zambia and Dubai, helping other people do the things on their lists.

[00:13:24] We talk about the Live Your List book. you can get it on Ryan’s web site. I had to ask Ryan why he started with the story about Chinese cupping. It sounded excruciating. But it’s a great story about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. There is something about travel that lends itself to that, but it’s not automatic.

[00:14:21] The seven levels of Live Your List.

How to expand your comfort zone

[00:22:47] Ryan tells how you can expand your comfort zone.

[00:28:20] “If you live in that stretch zone that comfort zone grows and grows. You’re always learning, you’re always growing. You’re always helping people out, and you’re living life intentionally.”

Ryan asked himself, “What else have I assumed I cannot do that I can actually do?” He started pursuing those things.

How can I use my gifts to make a difference

[00:34:34] “You have to take ownership of your life and who you are and what life looks like and move yourself in directions where you can do those things. I’m very privileged I’m very fortunate to be able do what I do.”

[00:36:16] How to get the book – and a special offer for our listeners!

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