010: Melissa the Coach

010: Melissa the Coach

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How a dream to meet Elton John led to a coaching business and a book.

In this episode, Melissa Thomas talks about how she made changes in her life so she could pursue her dream of meeting Elton John. That led to a coaching business and a book. You can have a dream, but achieving that dream can be daunting. Money can be an obstacle, or it can be a tool. And what about expertise? Melissa tells how she tackled the money problem, built a coaching business teaching others what she learned, and authored her first book.

[00:01:20] “It's funny because in all of my years of growing up being an entrepreneur and owning my own company was never on any sort of bucket list that I ever wrote out. It just was one of those things of following—one step kind of led into another. But it all started way back in the day when I was 19 years old and I went to my very first Elton John concert…”

[00:03:50] Melissa tells how debt got in the way of pursuing her dream.

[00:05:40] “That was really the very first time I had to kind of take a step back and assess my financial situation and say, ‘What can we do differently?’ Because money is the thing that is standing in the way of pursuing my dream.”

Managing money

[00:06:25] Just increasing your income isn’t the answer:
“The problem is, if you can't manage five hundred dollars you can't manage twelve hundred dollars or thirteen hundred dollars—or however much extra money I was bringing in every month. So even though I made more money, I never learned the skills on how to manage it better.”

Do the work to see the change

[00:08:52] “You’re doing it wrong.” This is the turning point.

[00:14:17] This is where reality sets in. It's one thing to know you have debt. It's another thing to look at the number on the paper staring back at you…

Melissa starts teaching what she’s learned, and one thing leads to another.

[00:17:24] I found this encouraging, because you don’t have to be a full-on expert or have a lot of credentials. You can be a little further along than a handful of other people, and teach what you know. Then you learn more, and you can teach more. As you learn new aspects of whatever it is you’re doing, you can add to what you’re teaching.

[00:20:23] “Talking about money is so taboo. Especially if you're bad with money.”

[00:25:40] Budgeting: “The reason you don't know where your money went is because you didn't tell it where to go in the first place. And that is that's the most important lesson.”

Money is a tool.

[00:32:03] Coaching: My role as a coach is to help help people create the plan but then hold them accountable to that plan for a 30-60-90 day period until they really get it. Because change is hard. Change is very hard.

Melissa Writes a Book

[00:34:50] Melissa tells how a collection of concert stories she wrote for her sons evolved into a book, Building My Yellow Brick Road: Life Lessons From Pursuing A Dream.

[00:35:36] "I never imagined myself to be an author but years ago I just started. I just started a Word document of concert stories for my boys because all they've ever known is mom goes to see Elton John in concert. And then I come home and I'm really excited."

[00:41:44] Why you need an editor—and how to make sure you have the money to pay one.

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